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Visit Oporto within few days

Visit Oporto within few days
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If you will be visiting Oporto for a few days and you want to visit some points of interest in the city, Hotel Moov Porto Centro offers you some city clichés:

Go up to the Clérigos Tower: reopened this year, celebrating 250 years. Has a new lift access to the top of the tallest building in the city (76 meters)

Ride the Guindais funicular: a two-minute route between Praça da Batalha and Ribeira overlooking the Douro and the D. Luís Bridge

Go in the cable car in Vila Nova de Gaia: a trip between Cais de Gaia and Jardim do Morro


Moov Hotel proposes you to discover some romantic paths in Oporto. In Vilar Street starts the romantic route, near the Crystal Palace, go down the narrow Entre-Quintas street through Macieirinha street and ends in the Restauração, on the riversire. It’s a twenty minute walk through english preferred by english and occupied by royalty. Enjoy this walk and visit the Quinta da Macieirinha Romantic Museum, a reconstruction of the Oporto upper bourgeoisie in the eighteenth century.


Be sure to visit the São Bento train station, with a lobby lined with tiles, just across the street you have the Sé Cathedral, whose yard offers you the first view of the Douro River. Go down to the Ribeira and relax on one of the many terraces. You can see the Dom Luis I Bridge and you can take a cruise through the 6 bridges. After this tour, visit São Francisco Church and the Stock Exchange Palace. Nothing like a tram trip to end the afternoon by the river and the sea, in Foz, where you can find some shops and terraces to relax. You might also like to take a walk by the Serralves gardens, and visit the Museum. In the evening return to Oporto downtown, where you will find restaurants, bars and lots of entertainment. To end the day the best way, overnight at Moov Hotel Porto Centro, a hotel located in a centenary Art Deco building dating back to the 30s and that returns to Oporto the soul of the Seventh Art.