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Alentejo Crafts

Discover an unique intangible heritage
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In #Évora, the 5 de Outubro Street is a hallucinatory journey through the #Alentejo crafts! Discover a beautiful and unique intangible heritage in the fields of pottery, tapestry and of course all kinds of pieces made with cork!

Although there are common craft in all regions of #Alentejo, the different crafts are characteristic of specific zones.

Pottery: Flor da Rosa (Crato), Nisa, Estremoz

In more utilitarian and decorative pottery are quite a few villages where potters are dedicated to shape the clay. But the main ones are Viana do Alentejo, Redondo and S. Pedro do Corval. The last one is even the largest pottery center of the Iberian Peninsula. The potteries of Alentejo are usually opened to the public. Be sure to visit one and learn how to create a piece of clay and monitor the entire process from molding through the cooking in the oven until the final decoration.

Pieces of leather or leather: made by leather you can find saddles, bags, boots and shoes, day-to-day clothing and hunts.

Carpets, rugs and tapestries: Alentejo quilts, made with white and black sheep wool yarn for weaving, curtains, coats, ponchos, bags, pillows, traveling rugs, individual, socks, towels, etc ..

Portalegre Tapestry: play with complete reliability the set design

Articles in Cork: There are articles as umbrellas, cribs, bags, fans, necklaces and bracelets, key rings and even shoes

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