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The spots you must visit in Alentejo

Do you want to visit Alentejo but don't know where to start? We'll give you some tips on the best locations ?

The largest Portugal region is going to surprise you by its beauty. Alentejo is a region full of history, with beautiful landscapes and a 170km coast with stunning beaches. Get to know all that Alentejo has to offer you!

  • – Castelo de Vide, known as the “Sintra do Alentejo”, it’s one of most romantic places in the area.

  • – Marvão, the Marvão village it’s one of the most beautiful fortified villages in the country. It is located 860 meters above the Sapoio mountain range. The castle allows everyone who visits it to have an incredible view of the São Mamede natural park and of the Valência de Alcântara city, in Spain.

  • – Elvas, considered UNESCO natural heritage. This city was fortified since 1640, during the Portugal restoring of the independence.

  • – Vila Viçosa, became one of the most important villages in Portugal since 1461 with the arrival of the dukes of the Bragança.

  • – Monsaraz, it is located at the top of the mountain and it’s considered one of the most beautiful portuguese villages.

  • – Évora, classified as UNESCO natural heritage since 1986, its known for its monuments dating back to roman times (some of them).

  • – Badoca Safari Park, created in 1999, where you can see animals as you were in Africa, over 90 hectares. There are more than 250 animals in total freedom (within the boundaries of the park).

  • – Rota Vicentina, located inside the Sudoeste Alentejano natural park and Costa Vicentina. This route offers 5 circular pathways from 3,5km to 13km that lead to the discovery of the most stunning lands and cliffs in Alentejo.