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Portugal, the tiles country

  • Events | 1 April, 2015

In Portugal there are numerous places filled with tiles that colours any visit or tour. Moov Hotels shows you some places to visit and learn more of this art that tells life stories of saints and fables, becoming one of the main decorative elements of our country.

– São Bento Station, in Oporto

– Lisbon Metro Stations

– New Art buildings in Aveiro

– Palácio da Vila, in Sintra

– São Lourenço Church, in Almancil

Travel also to the living museum of the art of tile, the National Tile Museum in Lisbon and know all the history and technical and artistic evolution of this art over time.

You can also take with you, as a souvenir, a more classic or modern tile, so it is not only in memories or photographs.