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Porto – a culinary adventure

The best places 🍔🍝🍛
  • Events | 8 February, 2016

To eat and dye for more!

Don’t you know the most typical and genuine snacks in Porto?! … Now there’s no excuses, make a gastronomic tour:

  • Adega Rio Douro: sardines pies, codfish balls, green broth
  • Casa Guedes: Sandwiches shank with mountain cheese
  • Conga – Casa das bifanas: Spicy pork fillets melting in bread, hotdogs, sarrabulho soup
  • O Buraquinho: caldo verde, sarrabulho soup, tenderloin sandwiches with tripas
  • Gazela – Cachorrinhos: crusty bread with sausage and cheese, cut into small pieces
  • Venham mais cinco: tenderloin bief on bread with melting cheese
  • Santiago: one of the best francesinhas in town
  • Casa Louro: lamego ham
  • Nelson dos leitões: roast suckling and crispy pig

Enjoy your food!