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“Foodies” this street is for you!

Challenge your palate and will discover new flavors of Porto
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That’s right, “Foodies”, the new restaurant Spot in Porto is in the Picaria Street.

Challenge your palate and get to discover some new flavors in Porto.

At “Ernesto” Restaurant you can find a typical Portuguese house, which works since 1938. Delight with the fish fillets, octopus, cod, lamb, portuguese stew, tripe, among others.

In “Cruel Restaurant” you must follow a ritual early on, you must lead to mouth a spoon with a Sichuan button that causes a choking sensation, numbness and increased saliva production – all to prepare the mouth for tasting dish. Curious? Enjoy this experience and then try the carpaccio of beef with pesto and electric flower.

For chicken lovers, the “Baixó Pito” is the ideal place. Before going to the plate, the pito faces temperatures close to 300° so that it is crunchy and slightly toasted. It has 5 menus for you to choose.

Appreciator of Angolan revenues, Picaria Street has recently the “O Meu Porto” restaurant, which hides one of these snacks, with the recreation of an Angolan recipe called hominy. Choose stew made with various types of meat, sausage, corn, red beans and some special seasonings.

For those who prefer snacks, the “Tasquinha dos Sabores” can make a meal snacks to base, accompanied by a jug of sangria or good wine. Turnovers, gizzards, firecrackers, hunting sausage are some of the dishes listed on the menu.

If you like ham, you can not miss the “Taxca – a badalhoca da Baixa”, here is the best ham sandwiches with cheese that you’ve ever eaten.

But it does not stop there, you can enjoy an excellent burger at “BaixaBurguer”, a cozy space with burgers to eat and cry for more.

Stay tuned because other restaurants can open in the Picaria Street, in downtown Porto.

Nothing better than staying at Moov Hotel, close to all these gastronomic attractions.