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Fado, the Portuguese music

Fado, the Portuguese music
  • Events | 7 April, 2015

Fado is recognized worldwide as a symbol that characterises Portugal and its history through a shawl, a Portuguese guitar, one voice and emotion.

Fado tells feelings, dislikes of love, nostalgia for the ones who left, as well as achievements and the everyday.

Fado in Lisbon, for example, reappeared in poor neighborhoods where the singer invites himself and never have an established repertoire. Already in Coimbra fado is sung by students and has distinct features as the male voice, the black academic costume apparel and thick cover.

In 2011, Fado was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage because it is an urban song of Lisbon, an identity symbol of the city and the country.

In Alfama you can visit the Fado Museum, in one neighbourhoods of Lisbon with more history since the nineteenth century. Take also the opportunity to visit the house where lived Amalia, the most charismatic Fado icon, today transformed into a museum.

See where you can listen Fado in Portugal: