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Exhibition at Eugenio de Almeida Foundation – Évora

  • Events | 9 March, 2015

“As high as the eye can see” is an exhibition that is running until day April 5, 2015, in Eugene de Almeida Foundation. Moov Hotel Évora advises you to visit this exhibition that includes works of painting, sculpture and contemporary art by artists such as José Pedro Croft, Fernando Calhau, Michael Biberstein and Joseph Beuys.

In the exhibition “As high as the eye can see” you can witness a cross between sacred art and contemporary art in an international and global context. If you’re visiting Évora, do not miss this unique opportunity to visit the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation. It is also a great opportunity to meet the Moov Hotel Évora and take advantage to visit a city full of history.