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Évora 2015: 12 months of good food

  • Events | 13 March, 2015

From january to december of 2015 you can taste what best exists in Alentejo. Year 2015 is full of gastronomic excuses to visit Évora and all the restaurants, gourmet stores and pastries in town.


Each month you will be able to taste an enormous variety of traditional cuisine, such as cheeses, smoked meet, soups and sweets, in different restaurants in the city:

Pork: january to february

Soups: march

Lamb: april

Summer tastings: june to september

Hunting: november to december

Traditional sweets: all months


Take a gastronomic and cultural tour, with mandatory stay in the Moov Hotel Évora, located in the historic center, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The Moov Hotel Évora is endowed with an unique location, lying at a distance of a quiet walking tour of the main sights of the city.