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Christmas in Curitiba

The best Christmas activities in Curitiba #Christmas2019 ??

This 2019 Christmas in Curitiba will be even more special! Check out bellow the best Christmas activities to do in the city with your family!


  1. The Children of the Palácio Avenida choir

The children’s choir will perform once more in XV street on the 29th edition of the event. This year the theme of the show will be Christmas colours. The premiere will be on the 6th of December at 20h15, don’t miss out on the biggest Christmas event of the city!



Location: Palácio Avenida – Rua Luiz Xavier, 11, centro, Curitiba

Schedule: 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 Dec. – 20h15

Price: Free


  1. Christmas in Paço da Liberdade 2019

Because in Curitiba, Christmas is lived in a very intense way, there will be a projection of images, lights and sounds on the facade of the historical building of Paço da Liberdade.



Location: Paço da Liberdade, Curitiba

Schedule: 10th, 11th, 12th Dec. – 9 pm

Price: Free


  1. Christmas Town and Ferris Wheel

In Santos Andrade square will be an arts craft fair, presents you can buy and Christmas gastronomy, among other activities, like the Ferris wheel with a panoramic view of the city and cooking classes from top chefs to give you some ideas for the Christmas feast.




Location: Praça Santos Andrade

Schedule: Until the 23rd of Dec.

Thursday and Friday. – 6 pm to 10 pm

Saturday. – 12pm to 10 pm

Sunday. – 12pm to 8.30 pm

Price: Free



  1. Carrousel and Christmas tail show

In Passeio público, until the 6th of January, you can bring your kids and spend a nice family time enjoying this carrousel typically from Venice with horses and crazy tea cups, available for all ages and people with low mobility.



Location: Passeio Público, Curitiba


Train: Until the 6th of Jan – from 12 pm to 8 am

Christmas tail show: 6th, 7th, 13th e 14th of Dec – 7.30pm

Santa Claus house: 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd e 23rd Dec – 12pm to 8pm

Wednesday and Friday – 4pm to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday – 2pm to 6pm

Price: Free


  1. Maria Fumaça Train – Towards Christmas Show

The famous Maria Fumaça will carry on full of Christmas lights and with the Christmas show on board going through the streets of Curitiba and the coast of Paraná, to show the very well-known whistle of the train.



Location: Curitiba (train station -Av. Presidente Affonso Camargo, 330)


8th of Dec – at 8.30pm

Price: Free


  1. Coca-cola

A unique parade of Coca-cola Santa Clauses will go through the city of Curitiba in a very festive party filled with music and the spirit of Christmas.



Location: Curitiba

Schedule: 23rd of Dec – from 6pm to 11pm

Price: Free


  1. The Incredible Snow Factory – Snow 360

The incredible Snow Factory – Snow 360 is an amusement park with real snow with an ice skating ring, thematic shows, toys and slides for adults and kids.

The ticket includes access to all toys and the loan of snow clothes for everyone with ages above 2 years old.



Location: Palladium Shopping center Curitiba – Avenida Presidente Kennedy, 4121, Portão

Schedule: Until the 15th Jan.

Mon to Fri – 11am to 11pm

Sat – 10am to 8pm

Sun – 12pm to 9pm

Price: R$ 35/ 15 min and R$ 60/ 30 min



  1. Santa Claus Parade

In the XV Street, more commonly known as “Flower Street”, will be happening a Santa Claus parade for you and your family! Go see Santa and since you are already on one of the best shopping streets of Curitiba, do some Christmas shopping!



Location: Rua XV de Novembro.

Saída – em frente ao prédio da associação comercial do Paraná

Chegada – Praça Osório

Schedule: 7/12, 14/12, 21/12 às 11h30

Price: Free


  1. The Toys Christmas

The livraria da Vila will be hosting the Christmas show ‘The Toys Christmas’. The tale tells the story of a litte girl named Rita, that, like every other kid, would like her toys would come to life and talk, feel and move. What she doesn’t know is that her toys are everything she wish they would be.

On the venue there will be collected toys to donate to families and kids in need.



Location: Livraria da Vila – Shopping Pátio Batel: Avenida do Batel, no 1868, store 314 – floor L3

Schedule: 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd Dec. – 4pm

Price: R$ 40,00 / R$ 20,00 (half price for children above 2 years old, people with disabilities, students, elder, retired and public schools teachers)


  1. Christmas Concert at Curitiba Memorial

During the month of December, the Curitiba Memorial will host several Christmas concerts with the best songs of the season performed by dance groups, instrumental and singing groups. Gather your family and go make the most of the Christmas season!



Location: Memorial de Curitiba – Rua Claudino dos Santos 79, São Francisco

Schedule: Until the 22nd Dec.

Tues to Sat – 7pm

Sun – 11.30 am

Price: Free


  1. Christmas Musical – Nasce a Salvação

The real life Nativity scene and Jesus life musical counts with more than 200 kids and teenagers. The event is free, but since we are in the season of giving is encouraged to donate food without expiration date (can goods, pasta, rice, etc) for families in need!



Location: Igreja Adventista Central de Curitiba (Church) – Al. Dr. Carlos de Carvalho, 400

Schedule: 14th and 15th of Dec

Real life Nativity Scene – 6pm

Christmas Musical – 8pm

Price: Free. If you can, please donate 1 kg of food without expiration date for families in need.



Happy Holidays for you and your family ?❤️