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The luck and the cake

The Kings Day History
  • Events | 31 December, 2015

The Kings Day, according to Christian tradition, it would be one in which Jesus Christ, the newborn, had been visited by  three wise men from the East, which occurred on 6 January. The night of January 5 and the morning of 6 is known as “Kings Night.”

Across the country it is tradition to sing the Kings songs door to door and have all houses doors opened to enjoy the more traditional dishes of each region and country.

According to tradition, in the Kings Day/ Dia de Reis everybody sings up the janeiras and ate up the cake-King.

In Spain, for example, tradition is the children leaving their shoes with grass in the window before going to bed for the Three Kings camels can feed themselves and move on. In return, the Magi leave some sweets for the children.

In France and Quebec (Canada), they eat up the Galette des Rois (Three Kings cake), which contains a toast inside.

Happy Kings Day!