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Places to visit in Curitiba

The guide you need to read before you visit Curitiba!

         Curitiba city, the Paraná state capital, it’s known for the urban planning caring, beautiful green areas and high-quality public transports. This phenomenon also reflects in tourism and makes the city one the most prepared destinations in the country to receive tourists. It’s time to enjoy everything that the capital has to offer. Come along on this journey and get to know the main touristic attractions in Curitiba!



  • Curitiba Botanical Garden, one of the main touristic points of the city of Curitiba, located at the botanical garden neighborhood.

Botanical Garden, Curitiba.

  • Graciosa Road, road that crosses the most preserved stretch of the Atlantic Brazil Forest. In this region there are two important state parks: the Graciosa state park and the Roberto Ribas Lange state park.
  • Tanguá Park, one of the main city parks in Curitiba. It has two lakes and an artificial tunnel.

Tanguá Park, Curitiba.

  • Japan Square, it was built in tribute to Japanese immigrants who arrived from 1910.
  • Curitiba Basilica, catholic temple, considered one of the main historic and religious buildings.
  • Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON), art museum projected by Oscar Niemeyer. The building has the second largest free from Brazil, with 65 meters.

Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba.

  • Barigui Park, the park gets the name of the Barigui river and its among one of the largest and oldest parks of the city.
  • Largo da Ordem market, every Sunday from 9am to 14pm at Largo da Ordem (municipal historic center). In this market there are several attractions as craftwork, clothes, typical dishes, antiques and cultural exhibitions.
  • German Woods, it located in Vista Alegre neighborhood (Schaffer garden) and it was built to tribute the culture and traditions that German emigrants brought to Curitiba since 1833.

German Woods, Curitiba

  • Tingui park, its name is in honor to the Tingui people, an indigenous population living in that area by the time of the colonization.
  • Arame Opera, Brazilian theatre located in Curitiba. Its name is due to the constructive style made from stile pipes and metallic structures.

Arame Opera, Curitiba.

  • Curitiba Holocaust Museum, in tribute to 2nd World War victims.