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Let’s celebrate the Port Wine

From September 3rd to 13th, let’s celebrate the Port Wine
  • Events | 1 September, 2015

From the slopes of the Douro to the world: the first and most traditional #Porto symbol is the wine that lends the name.

Recognized for its sweet and fortified flavor, port wine is the perfect end to any meal. In September, do not miss the opportunity to celebrate it!

Eleven days marked with seminars, harmonized meals with port wine, special activities in the cellars, evidence for experts and journalists, among others.

You can also count on a gastronomic route, “by the table with Port” in which six restaurants will have a harmonized dish with Port Wine, as well as “stores with Port” decorated with this theme. The bars are not left out and will have port wine cocktails representing the “Port Wine night”.

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