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Elvas, the fortress city

Get to know more about Elvas
  • Events | 31 December, 2015

Have you seen the city-quarter of Elvas, World Heritage?

Situated at a strategic point between Portuguese and Spanish lands, its architecture reflects the various military assaults that have marked this border history.

It was this military history that made it possible today to observe all military heritage of the city: Santa Luzia Fort, the Graça Fort, the São Mamede, Santo Domingo and San Pedro Forts, the four wall sections and even all military establishments , monuments which together make Elvas as one of the barracks of war cities around the world and the largest land bastion fortress around the world.

Although equity characteristics are in their majority military, the town of Elvas is also a historical core of religious and civil architecture. Elvas is steeped in history, on the streets you can find palaces, historic homes and monuments.

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