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Curitiba, a culturally active city!

Meet Curitiba!

Curitiba is a city with great tourist attractions and with options for all tastes. We’ve put together some suggestions to make yout experience easier and more interesting.

The Botanical Garden, located at Rua Engenheiro Ostoja Roguski, Curitiba is one of the best known tourist spots in this Brazilian city. With a green setting, the beauty of this location is unmistakable. Surrounded by nature, embellished with lanes and greenhouses of iron and glass, inspired by the Crystal Palace of London, this place becomes a must stop for anyone visiting the city.

For lovers of art, architecture and design, the Oscar Niemeyer MON Museum is also an excellent choice. Currently known as the Eye Museum, due to the shape of its structure, it represents a cultural institution with national and international projection.

For those interested in the culture of Curitiba, an interesting activity is the Feira do Largo da Ordem. It is a great place for tourists, with numerous handicraft options, musicians, storytellers that make this fair a must stop on a Sunday morning.

Another of the best known tourist attractions in this city is the Ukrainian Immigration Memorial. Located in the Tingui Park, this was erected in honor of the Ukrainian immigrants who went to this region of Brazil at the height of the nineteenth century. A nice place with history for the most attentive and curious.

For those interested in Egyptian culture, we selected the Museu Egípcio Ordem Rosacruz (AMORC). In this place you can find parts and sculptures belonging to various periods of history.

For those who want to choose a more religious experience, Brazil is the ideal place. In Curitiba, one of the obligatory stops is the Santuário Tabor Magnificat. A place to stay in contact with nature, where you can reflect and feel the peace and tranquility of this sacred place.