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6 suggestions to delight in a visit to Oporto

Suggestions of places where you can eat ice cream in Oporto 🍦
  • 2 April, 2019

The weather variants have been a constant lately, when the sun appears, gives us a sensation of summer and we miss it. It is now the time when we start the count down to the best days of the year and for that, nothing better than an ice cream to deceive the mind.

Here are some suggestions of the best places to enjoy an ice cream in the streets of Porto.

Maria Palito, artesanal ice creams with incredible flavors, like oreo, kit kat, port wine, among others.

La Copa, more than 20 handmade flavors made according to the Italian tradition. Here you can choose the normal and already known flavors or make absolutely delicious combinations.

Amorefrato, where the cushions, small sofas, vintage lamps and several typical Portuguese elements make this ice-cream parlor a cozy space that balances in perfection the modern with the traditional.

Cremosi, known for its 100% natural ice creams, without coloring and without preservatives or animal fat.

Santini, the traditional flavors, such as chocolate or caramel, adapted to the tastes of the most daring, such as açaí with banana, the best chocolate cake in the world, pitaya or rum with raisins.

Neveiros, founded in the 1950s, it is one of the oldest gelaterias in Porto and the best ones as well.

Icicle, Yogurt, Port, Carrot, Jell-O, Blackberry or Chocolate are just a few examples of the total of about 50 flavors that Icicle has created.

Need more reasons to visit this places when you are in Porto?