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4 places to nibble in Porto

From one delicacy to another, throughout the streets of Porto ?

If you haven’t had lunch or dinner yet, get ready, because the following suggestions will leave you mouth-watering. Come and discover the city’s most emblematic delicacies (the Portuguese version of tapas) and where they are located:


  1. Casa do Baião in Porto (€€) – Located on Rua das Flores, this is the newest delicacy house. It works as a place for tasting the traditional flavours of the sub-region near Douro, whose charm goes far beyond their board filled with different cheeses and meets.


Adress: Rua das Flores, 4050-366 Porto
Contact: (+351) 22 244 6741
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday and Sundays from 12h00 to 21h30; Friday and Saturday from 12h00 to 23h30; closed on  Mondays


  1. O Gazela (€) – The Gazela Snack-Bar, also known as the “Cachorrinhos da Batalha”, is remarkable for its art of cooking. Although it is commonly known for its uncommon hot dogs, Gazela also serves bitoque in bread (Portuguese meet delicacy with special sauce) or on a plate and mixed sandwiches that can be enjoyed in its relaxed atmosphere.


Adress: Travessa Cimo de Vila, 4, Sé, Porto
Contact: (+351) 222 054 869
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 12h00 – 22h30


  1. Casa Guedes (€) – With or without the creamy cheese from Serra da Estrela, the ham sandwiches at Casa Guedes are a must. Located in Praça dos Poveiros, it’s a great option to visit when you’re hungry or want to fill your stomach with an absolute delicious delicacy.


 Adress: Praça dos Poveiros 130, 4000 Porto
Contact: (+351) 222 002 874
Opening Hours:  Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 21:00; closed on Sunday


  1. Pontual (€) If you’re looking to spice up your taste buds, this is the place to do it. Located in Rua do Almada, Pontual serves one of the best pregos in bread and pica-pau in Porto, both meet delicacies from the region accompanied by a unique spicy sauce.


Adress: Pontual, Rua do Almada, 350, Porto
Contact: (+351) 222 088 917
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 12h00-02h00; Sundays and holidays, 19h00-02h00