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3 in 1 Culture in Oporto

Single ticket to live the culture in Oporto
  • Events | 19 June, 2015

#TeatroNacionalSãoJoão (São João Theatre), #FundaçãoDeSerralves (Serralves Foundation) and #CasaDaMúsica have joined forces and created a single ticket that allows you, with a more affordable price, to visit three of the most emblematic institutions in Oporto.If you are visiting the #Oporto, and do not have much time, get to know the three buildings that stand out for their historical and architectural richness, this is a good bet!

For only € 14,50 (bought separately, the tickets would cost € 19,50), visitors can become acquainted with these three Porto cultural landmarks.

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Don’t miss this oportunity.

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