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10 awesome things to do in Oporto

#whattodoinoporto ūüėé
  • 13 August, 2019

The Invicta¬†is a city full of surprises. We want you to take the most of it, so here it is a list of the best 10 things you can do in Oporto. Enjoy! ūüėä

We are truly in love with this city. Either for its tiny streets and rustic houses or their viewpoints with breathtaking landscapes, their galleries full of antique and contemporary art, its gardens and museums and all the typical restaurants! Are you out of ideas? Don’t worry, we give you many options!

  1. Eat delicious pancakes at Diplomata;

2. Go to Torre dos Clérigos;

3. Visit theLello bookstore (which has served as inspiration to J.K. Rowling when she wrote Harry Potter);

4. Taste the candies, truffles and tablets at Equador chocolate shop;


5. Taste the best fracesinha of the city at Café Santiago;

6. Take a walk at the Douro river stream;

7. Visit the Morro garden;

8. Visit the Porto wine caves at the Sandeman museum;

9.  Meet the emblematic Cristal Palace gardens;

10. Visit the Serralves foundation.